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With the blessing of Sri Vallai Parameswari and Supreme Guru Sri Murugar’s blessing and his supreme disciple and also leader of millions of Sitthars, Agasthiar Ma Maharishi’s wisdom, we, Sri Agastiar Nyaana Peedam Malaysia are organizing the very First International Spiritual Conference 2017 to preach about the Greatness of Satgurus and their contribution to the world.

This conference is to highlight the way of life by the Gurus, the spiritual teaching of Gurus, and Way to attain Salvation will be shared during this conference. The conference also will highlight the importance of human being to have a Guru in their life. “Ondre Kullam, Oruvanne Devan” is the word of truth by Sitthar Thirumoolar which means One Human Race and One God. On the truth of his word the conference is beyond religion and all religion Gurus greatness will also be spoken in the conference.

“Thelivu Guruvin Thirumenikandel, Thelivu Guruvin Thirunamem Seppel, Thelivu Guruvin Thiruvarthai Kerthel, Thelivu Guru Uru Sinththal Thanne.” – Thiru Manthiram 137.

The Objective of the conference are as follow.

  1. The conference is aimed to provide knowledge of the Spiritual teaching of Gurus (Spiritual Masters) and their contribution in shading the light of their wisdom to cure the disease of ignorance which is the root cause of non-apprehension of the Brahman (Aathma).

  2. To appreciate the Gurus (Spiritual Masters) ) as human incarnation, living among us and had been constantly teaching the way of Life to fellow human, transforming them gradually, transcending knowledge of enlightenment and liberation.

  3. To recognise that these Gurus are beyond any form of limitation (time and space), above race, religion, language, desire, attachment, passion, greed, hatred, anger and are continuously working to uncover the veil of ignorance.

  4. To acknowledge and praise outstanding Gurus amongst them: Thava Murugan, Sri Agathiyar, Sri Vallalar, Sridi Sai Baba, Aathi Sangkarar, Jaganathar, Sivanantha Pramahamsa, Mahan Paranjothi, Ramanujar, Syeik Abdul Kadir Al Jalani, Jesus, Buddha, Thiru Nyana Sambantar, Suntharar Moorthy, Manikavasagar, Ragaventhar, Bramana Nyananathagiri, Kriya Babaji, Ramakrishna Pramahamsa, Brahma Baba, Swami Sivanantha, Iswara Pattar, Baamban Swamigal, Aathma Tohi Sitthar and many others.


More than 30 Gurus, Mahans, Spiritual Leaders, Spiritual Preachers around the world who have been a good disciples to their Gurus and have been following their Gurus teaching and has been spreading their teaching to their disciples will be sharing the experience of being the disciple, will be sharing their Gurus teaching and greatness and also will be sharing the way of being a good disciple to a Guru. The main objective of this Conference is to guide a normal human being to be in the path of Gurus teaching to attain enlightenment.


Click the icon to download the application form. Send the application to

The Conference Details as below:

Date: 9, 10 & 11 June 2017

Time: 8.00am to 6.00pm

Venue: Sri Subramaniyar Swami Temple Compound, Batu Caves, Malaysia (Opposite Perumal Temple) - The Conference Location is shared below.

Fee: RM150.00 (Inclusive of 3 meals food for 3 days, Conference Magazine and Bag)

Accommodation: Participants are required to arrange their own accommodation for this conference. Below are the list of nearby hotels for your kind reference.

Batu Caves Business Hotel : (+60) 03-6177 6076

New Wave Hotel : (+60) 03-61850082

Hotel Sahara Inn : (+60) 03-6120 7070

Moonlight Hotel : (+60) 03-6177 7365

Lavana Hotel (3 Star) : (+60) 03-6178 7588


All participants are required to submit the application form together with the payment proof to the organizers latest by 30th April 2017. Application form available at the below link. All payment shall be made to as detail mentioned below.

Name: Pertubuhan Kerohanian Sri Agastiar Nyaana Peedam Malaysia.

Bank: Hong Leong Bank

Account No.: 17900009317


Participants shall contact the below given contacts for more details, should participants require more details.

Tel: (+60) 03-61852757 /

Mobile: (+60) 016-318 0846 / (+60) 016-942 7962




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