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Leave your family for Siddha Way of Life?

Image: Agastiyar & Lobamudra

We often have objection from our parents or relatives or friends, even if we just started to have interest in siddha way of life (Sitthar Vallipade). Common reasons given by them is, “If you follow Siddha way, you have to leave your family” or “If you follow Siddha way, you cannot get married and have kids” or “If you follow Siddha way, you will leave the family one day” and many more.

Now the biggest question running in many people’s mind who were stopped by family or friends following Siddha way of life, “is all the Sitthars (Saints) lived in singlehood and hated family life?”


Image: Athri Maharishi & Anushia Devi

Then why these kinds of objection arise from our community throughout the World when it comes to Siddha way of life?

There are many contributors to this perception. Firstly, most of the books or palm leaf script have not mentioned about their family life but mentioned about their works and contribution to the World and Mankind. Few palm leaves script indeed mentioned about their family life, but those scripts never given importance. Also, many palm leaves are yet to encode, and many palm leaves has been destroyed during several dynasty invasion in India. Secondly, conflict within Hinduism between Saivism and Vaishnavam with both race to priorities idol worship which resulted many important records hid by certain group and popularise only certain script which glorify their worship style and glorify certain group of community. Thirdly and the most important reason for this era to against Siddha way of life is cinema portraying Siddhas lived in singlehood in most of the movie. Most popular saints which normally shown in Indian movies such as Agastiyar Maharishi, Visvamithirar Maharishi and Vasistar Maharishi are always shown as bachelors with lots of power. Even “Ragavendar” movie which was popular because of famous Indian Superstar, Rajinikanth acted in that movie, has made the fear that sainthood require to leave entire family to pursue to the highest order. We cannot blame the movie industry entirely because they have limited time to show the audience and only will bring out popular characters to the screen, simply because it’s business for them.

Image: Kagapujandar & Nadbavi

In reality, most of the Siddhars / Rishis are married and had children. Some of them even have multiple wives and hundreds of children. Some of their generations are still living till today.

We list the common Rishis or Sitthars names and their wives ’ name. You can google for more names and even their children's names.

· Agastiyar Maharishi – Lobamutra

· Vasistar Maharishi – Arunthati

· Ahtri Maharishi – Anushia Devi

· Kagapujandar – Nadbavi

· Vallay MaMaharishi – Thana Pakkiam

· ThiruValluvar – Vasugi

· Vallalar – Thanakodi Amma

Pattinathar – Sivakalai

All Siddhars, Munivars, and Rishis are immortal and believed to be living with their family in Sathuragiri Malai, Tamilnadu with their families in the subtle form according to scriptural written by Koragar Siddhar.

Image: Vasistar Maharishi & Arunthati

There is significant evidence which Hindus does especially South India community. I am sure many readers who have married or have witness marriage in close range came across a ceremony during wedding, stepping on “Ammi” and wearing rings on the bride’s leg toe. During that time, the priest will ask to look at Arundhati Star and seek blessing. Arundhati is paired star. The stars is believed to be Vasistar Maharishi and Arundhati. The customary ceremony is to seek blessing from these divine couple and to make a promise that the newlywed couple lives their life just like Vasistar Maharishi and Arundhati. How can a newly married couple seek blessing and promise upon someone who many assume had reached Maharishi status living in singlehood?

Every Yogis / Mahans / Siddhars / Munivars / Rishis have their own life story and path to reach the divinity status. Some of them practices being in singlehood life and many practices being in family life. Practicing Siddha way of life does not require to neglect family or friends. It is purely based on their karma which determines their journey to their divinity. The fear of neglecting the family accumulated over many thousands of years which live till today. However, to understand exactly what life is and what’s Soul’s final destiny, then Siddha Way of life is the only way to attain Mukti.

Siddha way of life teaches and ensures self-etiquette and discipline which directly reduces your bad karmas. Teaches about your body, mind, and soul. It teaches human being the real “Kadavul”. Teaches the way to Moksha (Liberation / Freedom from birth cycle) and finally shows the way to Mukti (Unite with the Creator).

Image: Thiruvalluvar & Vasugi

Siddha way of life can be practiced by anyone from any age group, gender and any ethnic / community in any part of the World. Siddhas actually do not behold any religion. Basically “religionless”. However, they are being associate with Hinduism because of their contribution to the vedas and religious scriptures. If we look into our formidable 18 siddhas background, you will be amazed to find out their origin. Looking into thousands of Siddhas and Rishis, you will be astonished to find out their origin which comes from the various continents of this World.

Our humble advice to those who have an interest in Siddha practices, throw your fear away, and start following. This is the oldest practices which was initiated by the first Yogi, Lord Siva, and the first Siddha, Lord Muruga. The founders itself lives with their respective family, so the fear of Siddha practice is merely wrong perception. Welcome to Siddha way of life and all the best to your Mukti journey.

Article by Harirajah with the guidance of Guru Sri Vallai MaMaharishi.


The images were taken from Google and the credit goes to the creator / owner of the image. We are unable to find the source to credit them. We take this opportunity to thank them and if the owner of photos came across this article, they may contact us in order for us to give photo credit to the owners. Also, the image is only for illustration purposes and does not represent the real saints nor their wife's images.


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