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Guru Sri Vallai MaMaharishi was born in August 1951 to Mr. Packiri & Mrs. Sinnammah at Klang, Selangor. He was named Nagappan. Mr. Nagappan was brought up and completed his schooling in Sungai Rambai Estate, Batang Berjuntai. After schooling, he worked in several organization and started his own business in Cleaning Services sector. In January 1980, he was married to Madam Sivakalai Mariammah. His spiritual journey since the age of 12 and was very devoted toward Bakti Yoga till the age of 38.

In the beginning of 1989, he started to follow His Holiness Rengaraaja Theysiga Swamigal from Tamilnadu and Swamy Tharmalingam from Malaysia on the Sitthar Principle teaching and became their disciple. Mr. Nagappan was also active in spiritual organization from early days and even once become the Chairman of Sree Agasthiyar Sanmaarga Gurugulam Malaysia in 1992. He was given Spiritual Induction by His Holiness Guru Sivaraja Yogi from Malaysia in 1998 and His Holiness Thavayogi Thangarajan from Tamilnadu in 2004. In 2004, His journey to Pothigai Hills turned to be one of the most blessing trip where, He was blessed by Sage Agasthiyar and pronounced his name to Arutchelvar Apna Nagappan. In year 2005, Arutchelvar Apna Nagappan initiated and founded Sri Agastiar Nyaana Peedam Malaysia. Ever since the establishment of Nyaana Peedam, many devotees have been getting spiritual lesson from Arutchelvar Apna Nagappan till to the present date.

In 2007, Arutchelvar Apna Nagappan was inducted and realized the Vaasiyoga by KolliMallai Sitthar, His Holiness Swamy Sree Gaagapunjandar Tharmalingam. On 18th July 2008, under the lead of Swamy Sree Gaagapunjandar Tharmalingam, a commendation took place and being conferred the name Vallai Sitthar and followed by blessing by Agasthiyar Maha Munivar with the name of Sri La Sri. Thereafter he is known as Sri La Sri Vallai Sitthar.

On 22nd August 2020, on auspicious Vinayar Chathurti, several disciples had a great vision witnessing Guru Sri La Sri Vallai Sitthar soul transformed to be greater brightness during the meditation. The same visions were felt by several Spiritual leaders, Mahans, and Yogis in India and Malaysia in their meditation. The Mahans, Yogis and Spiritual Leaders confirmed that their vision was, Guru Sri La Sri Vallai Sitthar was accepted into Rishi Mandala and have been conferred as MaMaharishi. Guru Sri La Sri Vallai Sitthar confirmed the incident as his Soul travelled to Rishi Mandala and the conferred took place. With the blessing of Saptha Rishis, Guru Sri La Sri Vallai Sitthar has been conferred as MaMaharishi and given the name Sri Vallai MaMaharishi. 

Guru Sri Vallai MaMaharishi has organized many spiritual conferences and seminars through the 13 years of the establishment of Sri Agastiar Nyaana Peedam. World Sitthar Conferences and International Spiritual Conferences are some of it. The self-realization teaching and other Sitthar Principle teaching has been on-going till present under the guidance of Guru Sri Vallai MaMaharishi.


Thavatthiru Rengaraaja Theysiga Suvaamigal

Sree Agasthiyar Sanmaarga Sangam,

Thuraiyuur, Thiruchi, Tamil Nadu.


Performed numerous journeys to Tamil Nadu between 2000 – 2004 and had several discussions with many masters in this pursuit.

Thavatthiru Suvaami V. Tharmalingam

Malaysia Sree Agasthiyar Sanmaarga Gurukulam,

Batu Caves, Malaysia.

1990 – 1996

Thavayogi Thaaiveedu Thangarajan

Sree Agasthiyar Nyaana Peedam, Kallaaru,

Maiddupaalaiyam, Tamil Nadu.

2005 – 2007

Thavathiru Guru Sivaraaja Yogi

Sree Agasthiyar Arul Nyaana Peedam,

Semenyih, Kajang, Malaysia.

1998 – 1999

Kollimalai Sitthar Sri Kaakapuzandar Swami Tharmalingam

Kaagasiramam Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu.

2007 – 2014

In 2008, Kollimalai Sitthar Sree Kaakapuzandar Swami Tharmalingam confers the Title of Sri Vallai Sitthar and conducts commendation ceremony.

On the 16th February 2007, Kollimalai Sitthar Swamy Tharmalingam reveals the Jeevanadi by Sage Kaakapuzandar dedicated to Mr. Apnaa Nagappan.


With great reverence opened my third eye,

Your father whom I shall convey upon,

Citing the vision vividly,

Listen carefully to what I have to say,


Listen well to be blessed graciously,

Discard bad spells of the life lived,

Be awarded subtle spiritual initiation,

Heartfelt joy as I made you to realize my son!


Being direct disciple if Sage Agasthiyar and its tutelage,

Having named as Nagappan and Vaalai Sitthar,

Shall be also bestowed previously as Vaalai Sitthar Nagappan,

Awaiting to be initiated lovingly by us!

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