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Agatthiyar being the first Guru Muni had initiated Gurukulams (school) to preach esoteric knowledge to selected students. This Supreme Sage himself was enlightened with esoteric knowledge by God himself in the form of Lord Subramaniar as stated in the book Subramaniar Nyanama 200 & 500. Lord Subramaniar had initiated Agastthiyar and enlightened him ever after.

Agatthiyar being the Guru Muni meaning the Guru for all sitthars who followed his footsteps had conserved a place as savoir of mankind. Sitthars have preserved their live to save people from their sufferings and lead them to salvation.

Agatthiyar being the Guru Muni meaning the Guru to all sitthars who followed him, was misinterpreted by Aryan’s who atrociously demeaned the honourable Sage Sri Agatthiya. They portrayed Sri Agatthiyar as Guru Muni meaning short, stout bellied person; which is completely meant to diminish his popularity. This devious depiction is indigestible and distorting. A simple exponent on Sitthars would extenuate the deviance. Sitthars are knowledgeable heavenly embodied celestial beings. They have taught mankind the correct breath exercise (pranayama) meditation methods and other matters extending from medicine to sorcery explicitly explaining every method and matter.

The esoteric knowledge as to why man was born, the heavenly embodiment of the soul within our body and the relationship between the body, soul and mind will be revealed explicitly to genuine disciples of the sitthars their principle and philosophy is very simple. “The exact reason for the soul being born as human being is to experience the heavenly body in it”. As such we as human beings should care for this body as a destination for our never ending journey and the only medium that’s going to unite us with the supreme God.

Once our souls leave the body, there is no way the soul can attain a place anywhere near the supreme God. This is the reason why sitthars preach and initiated their physical body into light form by uniting their soul, mind and physical being. As such, sitthars who had performed breath exercise (pranayama) and meditation would ascertain healthy body with glowing face and attractive shape. Sitthar philosophy and discipline is very simple. They request their disciple to lead a disciplined life and follow their preaching. The utmost disciplines for sitthars disciples are being patient, truthful and kind at heart. Sitthars prohibit their disciples from cheating, stealing, consuming drug and alcohol, molesting, begging, milling (murder) etc. Other actions such as lying without good intention, confiscating others’ belonging, hurting others’ feelings, slandering and other matters which may hurt others feeling are also prohibited.

Anyone with common sense would definitely depict the siddhar philosophy as the best discipline that would bring “progress” in life. The progress should not be valued as worldly wealth which will have to be left behind finally. The progress here means, the journey to the ultimate level, the reason for our birth, the reason for we being born with sixth sense, the reason for we being different from other beings, and the reason for us to understand the presence of God in our body as soul.

Only Sitthars would guide us through our journey to meet the one and to unite ourselves with the Almighty. All other preaching may give confidence to seek a wealthy life on earth but could not justify the wealth of our actual life.

The reincarnated karma whether it is good or bad should be obliterated from our soul in the process of purification. Soul purification can only be performed by – “ burning” the karma in the “light” we create through breath exercise and meditation. This “fire” would become very bright and soon will burn all karma covering our soul and purification of soul will enhance the progress of unification of soul and mind. The unification when become extreme, would submerge the physical into oneness and the body would glow of light and it is eminent. This is ultimate. Each and every human must attain this ultimate position where total bliss and happiness could be experienced.

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